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Risk Assessment Template (for event leaders)

Club name:………………………..

Assessment carried out by: ………………….

Date of next Review:……………..

Date assessment was carried out:………………

What are the hazards? Who might be harmed and how? Reasonable measures- short, measurable, attainable, realistic , targets Who needs to carry out actions When is the action needed by Done
Possible risk of contamination due to group event E.g. activity participants E.g. Masks worn unless drinking refreshments. Temperature to be taken with a suitable device on entry E.g. Group leader to advise all participants of safety measures Start of each activity
Continue to gather user information E.g. activity participants Track and Trace kept updated at each session Group leader Start of each activity
Possible risk of contamination to hall users E.g. activity participants Hand sanitisers available
Social distancing rules & use one way system
Own kettle, cups etc brought in for use with refreshments
Only two designated people to enter kitchen
All participants Before, during and at end of session
Ventilation E.g. activity participants Windows and doors open for increased ventilation Group leader Start and finish of session
Covid 19 – hall users All hall users Designated people set up and clean before/after each session

Please note: Please use the above as an example of how to complete your own risk assessment. Please adapt for your own activities. Keep your Risk assessments manageable. Keep to short comments. Complete Risk Assessment before activity begins and pin to notice board in the hall. Particular clubs may have their own Risk Assessments- please use these if available and pin to the notice board before your activity commences.

There is no need to repeat the assessment each time you hold a regular session. Please up date if required or if new guidance is provided.

Downloadable form HERE

Diolch/Thank you More information on managing risk:

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