Terms and Conditions
Memorial Hall/ Neuadd Coffa Llandudoch

Croeso/ welcome,
We are delighted that you have returned after a period of absence or have recently found us and we hope that you continue to enjoy the use of the hall for a long time.

We have a number of new committee members managing the hall and we are doing our best at taking steps to ease and improve things for all users.

Please bear with us whilst we get some new systems running smoothly.
Useful contacts:
Chair: Mike James cllr.mike.james@gmail.com
Treasurer: Lynne Secale lynne.sacale@btinternet.com
Bookings Clerk: Jacqui Kinsey memorialhallbookings@btinternet.com

Terms and Conditions of use:

  1. There is a key safe on the door to the Memorial Hall and one for the Ian Gollop room. Please contact the bookings clerk for the code and ensure you return the key to the safe at the end of your session ready for the next user.
    NB If you are an existing key holder please return your key to a committee member as soon as possible and use the key in the key safe.
  2. Please ensure you leave the hall in the same condition as you found it including returning tables, chairs and any other equipment to their storage place safely; switching off all lights, heating/ electrical equipment; and leaving the building locked and secured safely.
  3. Should you arrive to find something out of place/ not as you expected, please contact us immediately and we will do what we can to resolve the situation in a timely manner.
  4. Please ensure that all Covid Regulations are followed with a full risk assessment carried out using the form provided. This includes:
    1. allowing a maximum of 100 people in the hall at any one time. Committee rooms are available for up to 20 people.
    2. complying with and reading the Risk Assessment notice displayed in the main hall.
    3. follow the signage rules as displayed in hall.
    4. completing a Risk Assessment on your own group activity and pin to pin board to display.
    5. keeping a track and trace list for every activity and share information with us should anyone become unwell due to Covid ( otherwise the track and trace info is confidential to your group)
    6. following Covid Guidance on safe use – provide sanitisers, wipe surfaces used and place any soiled materials in a sealed bag and take away with you and ensure all areas used are wiped down before leaving building (including all touch points such as door handles and the key safe).
  5. Due to the current Covid restrictions the kitchen is restricted to 2 people only to use the kettles. Please wipe down after use and leave empty.
  6. Should you wish to bring any electrical item please ensure the item has an up to date PAT test.
  7. Parking on site is available but limited, please park with consideration for others.
  8. When entering and leaving the hall, please be mindful of local residents and keep noise to a minimum.

Last updated:

November 2021 by the Memorial Hall Committee

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